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ICAB's statement on the occasion of the International Day of the Endangered Lawyer

The Council of the Barcelona Bar Association, encouraged by the ICAB International Department and the Observatory of the Rights of People, along with the Section of Private International Law and the European Union, the Commission of International Criminal Justice and Human Rights, the Commission for the Defense of the Rights of Persons present the following and Commission of Women Lawyers.



Today, January 24th, is the International Day of the Endangered Lawyer, giving us a time to reflect on the dangers faced by lawyers around the world and a time to reaffirm our commitment to defend the right of all people to a fair trial and a defense with guarantees.

The legal profession is the pillar on which access to justice and the proper functioning of any democratic society are based. It is lawyers, in the exercise of their profession, who ensure and guarantee that all persons may enjoy adequate legal representation in judicial proceedings. However, in many parts of the world, our colleagues are subject to threats, intimidation and violations of their independence, personal safety and professional integrity.

Today, we remember those brave lawyers who have lost their lives or have been persecuted for exercising their profession in order to defend the rights of people. This day is also a time to pay tribute to all those who, despite these adversities, continue to fight tirelessly for justice and equality in areas of armed conflict and in countries with weak democracies.

We remain mindful of all of the practicing lawyers who reside in places where the International Day of the Endangered Lawyer has been dedicated to in previous years.

On this day, we unite with other international legal associations to call for governments, institutions, and the international community to take concrete measures to preserve the safety and integrity of lawyers in order to create the necessary conditions for them to practice law freely and safely.

Once again, we reaffirm our commitment and solidarity to our colleagues who put their lives and integrity at risk, and emphasize our support of their efforts to defend the fundamental values of justice, equality and Human Rights.

The International Day of the Endangered Lawyer has been previously dedicated to: Afghanistan (2023), Colombia (2022), Azerbaijan (2021), Pakistan (2020), Turkey (2019 & 2012), Egypt (2018), China (2017), Honduras (2016), Philippines (2015), Basque Country/Spain (2013) and Iran (2010 & 2024).



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