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Legal Magazine of Catalonia

Legal Magazine of Catalonia (RJC)

The RJC is a publication edited by the Bar Association of Barcelona and the Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation of Catalonia, founded in 1895 by the two corporations, and which was awarded the 'Creu de Sant Jordi' from the Generalitat de Catalunya in the 2003.

Currently, the digital version of the RJC is undergoing a renovation process in collaboration with the Tirant lo Blanch publishing house, and it is expected to be available during the first months of 2023. Meanwhile, we are making the beta version available to subscribers of the new e-RJC from the following link:


The RJC is a very useful practical tool for lawyers and, in general, for jurists, since it is the most comprehensive publication on the rules and judgments applicable in Catalonia. In addition, it is a publication indexed in the main national and international quality catalogs: DICE, RESH, ISOC, LATINDEX, CARHUS, among others.

The RJC publishes 9 annual issues (4 on doctrine and 5 on jurisprudence). Each quarter, 1 number of doctrine and 1 number of jurisprudence are published. In addition, at the end of the year an additional number is published with the jurisprudence of the TSJ in civil matters.

The 4 issues of doctrine have the objective of providing exhaustive, rigorous, current and multidisciplinary legal information on new legislation, jurisprudence and bibliography in the different areas of Law and, in particular, Catalan Law. The authors and collaborators of the doctrinal numbers are academics, doctors of Law, university professors, lawyers and magistrates of recognized prestige.

The 5 issues of jurisprudence compile and systematize the most relevant judicial decisions issued by the courts of Catalonia, especially the Provincial Court of Barcelona, in the four jurisdictional areas (Civil, Criminal, Contentious-administrative and Labor). Judicial decisions are systematized by a group of high-level experts, made up of prestigious magistrates and lawyers.




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